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[06/16/2021] For the time being I disabled this page.
The game is going great! So great that I consider this demo outdated.
The prototype will return in full glory, and I want first impressions to be the best.
Thanks for understanding, mystery person!

vvv Update Log vvv

(It is early days yet. Please excuse jank you may encounter!)

Initial release. 9 downloads already, woo!

3D Fixes: Tied a few loose ends. I cleaned my room today, too.
//How do you know you have this version?//
3D World begins in silence.

I am currently "rebooting" the code. This may not affect much on your end, but it will make the game a lot easier for me to develop.

I know it just came out, but I'm remaking the prototype.
There will be big differences as a result, for the sake of the future.
The new prototype will be Pacem Pop Prototype Phase 1.
Pacem Pop Prototype 2020 will still be available to download, so
you can see just how far PPP came from its debut!
Look forward to it and check out the original while you wait!
It will be a while!

Progress on Phase 1 is going smooth.
As it should, because I made this stuff already!
What is Phase 1, exactly?
The 2020 prototype and Phase 1 are independent entities.
The 2020 prototype exists because I really wanted to announce this game in 2020 because 2020 is a cool number.

Now that I have time, I've studied what this game really is,
and I'm working on the Game Design Document now.
It's official, lads!

The 2020 prototype has features unique to itself.
Simply put, these features require a lot of sacrifice for little gain.
Not all features are gone, and those that are may become laconic, 
but the Phases will only include necessary structures.

Phase 1 is a remake of the best gameplay from the 2020 prototype.
Internal and external perfection is the express purpose of
Pacem Pop Prototype Phase 1.

Phase 1 will be the mission statement of Pacem Pop.
You will understand its simple yet boundless potential.
I think you'll like it a lot!

The date is 1/21. Is that day/month or day/year? You tell me!!!
To commemorate this special occasion, I hereby announce 
Phase 1 will come out in March*! (*Actually no. See 03/06/2021.) 
This page will have a good edit, too.
I considered a Phase every month, but have decided to release them quarterly.
This schedule relieves myself of pressure and gives the player (you!) a substantial reason to come back.

This has been an incredibly productive month. 
Phase 1 will come out soon! Look forward to it!

Progress continues to be wild.
I've decided to release a demo on 04/16/2021,
the three-year anniversary of Midnight Mia.
One day, I will remake that game using this engine!

[04/14/2021] I was going to release the newest version on 04/16/2021, the fifth production anniversary of Midnight Mia, but I've gone so far I may as well go all the way to a real demo. The beginning of June will show you how much of a difference a half-year of progress can make. I'll aim for 06/01/2021 or even sooner if possible!

How many of you are reading these anyway?!

^^^ Update Log ^^^


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