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How much hype does one game deserve?

On the eve of the New Millenium, the world celebrates as legendary videogame Peace Pao releases at midnight, promising a new era of Heaven on Earth. The demand is so high, even preordered purchases that are not claimed immediately are taken just as fast. Dalliers beware; Whoever misses the line, misses the ride.

Enter Mia, who's day could have ended in tragedy if she had any foresight whatsoever. 

Alone, weak, facing against all odds, Mia has only her health, wits and a golden trident that can blow stuff up.



Collect hearts to move on. Other than that, do what you want! You have unlimited access to Mia's abilities. Save the day your way!

Be sure to take advantage of the Info HUD, which you can access by holding P on your keyboard or dpad-up on your controller. There's a lot of stuff you can do in this game, master the basics!

Zoom in and out of Mia on command! In large levels, you always have full view of the action.

Do you like to play games in new ways? Then check out Adventures+! The included modes skip the main story and award their own endings.



Tested on Windows 7 Dell Inspirion 620. These computer specs are the currently known minimum requirements. 

Controller inputs are based on Xbox and Playstation buttons.

UPDATE 1.0.1

Enhanced performance, general enhancements.



Midnight Mia 509 MB

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