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Do you want to immerse yourself in a world of melancholy, but have an appointment in 30 minutes?

This game's for you!

Adapted for LOWREZJAM 2019, this is a 2012 adventure I just hadn't gotten around to yet...until now.

What's it about?
With a name like this, you'll have to play to find out!
You're in for a first-person experience with finite pixels, that is your hint.

While this version of the story is ludicrously abridged because of limitations, it is the fundamental narrative!

WASD: Move
Ctrl: Crouch
Shift: Run
Left-Click*: Stick
Right-Click*: Jump
R: Reset Level
Esc: Quit

*Alternate Commands:
E and Space respectively.
While the LOWREZJAM 2019 jam is still going, expect further page maintenance and possible game updates until the jam is over.


Innocent Requiem 64 245 MB

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