This is a game jam game for GameMaker's 20th anniversary.

Your goal is to make it to the edge of the screen!
But is that all that's really going on here?

It is a time of 20's. 2020 is coming, and also I'm in my 20's.

As for the game...

20 lines of code.
20 verses of poetry.
20 characters each.
20x20 graphics.
20 minutes I thought this would take!
Less than 20 hours until the deadline!
20+ hours until my sleep schedule goes back to normal!
Over 200,000 games on!

Game completed from unreasonable hour to 4:20 A.M on 11/20/2019.
Was this a good idea? No! But it happened anyway.

But least you get the well-documented and handsome source code out of this!


GM20 875 kB

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