A downloadable game for Windows


Ya only need yer mouse to play! 

After the killing of a spiteful demon, The Seven Deadly Sins are unleashed upon the world to wreak havoc and erect candy structures to arouse Hell King Yore from his evil slumber.  

Thankfully, the Xenolith Angels are here to end this madness!

Click your way through nine levels of pure Crush action.

Leave no pillar standing! 

Drag and throw blocks, objects and even people if you have to!

Meanwhile, The Seven Deadly Sins turn trouble towards a tenacious trio of 3. Stop the demons' plans and save the world!

If you've got thirty or so minutes to burn and just wanna screw around for a bit, THIS is the GAME for YOU.

Play it now!!!


Click & Crush (Installer).exe 400 MB


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