A downloadable game

The game is simple. The game is fun. The game...is Soul War.

This game was originally submitted to the IGMC competition,
a month-long contest that has just finished.
Consider this game a work-in-progress until this notice
no longer exists. The game has obviously improved since
the original submission, but I'd like to see how much more I can do
before marking this small project as complete. See ya in 2019!

You smash empathy into opposing hearts whilst defending your own. Easy! Or is it?

Battle with speed and wits against 13 Animamen based on the Japanese Zodiac!

Although the title says this is a demo, this is actually a standalone experience.

This is a stealth demonstration of basic systems, hopefully a preview of what's to come. 

Enjoy the adventure! It's really good, I spent a whole month playing it!

Do YOU have what it takes to win battles of sheer willpower?!

*NOTE: Animamen must be cleared in order.*

(Cover image by Shingalaxy)

☆ Thanks for downloading! You are good and nice. ☆

NEW and EXCITING: Now in ZIP form, instead of installation. 
You save 14 megabytes of space!!! What a deal, come on down!

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Soul War Battles.zip 120 MB

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